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2011.11.01 | 2011.10.01

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Today: Thursday June 19 is the last day that HILLTOP BBQ will be open for business.  We would like to thank all our loyal customers.  We enjoyed serving and talking with you. 

 HILLTOP BBQ is located on Hwy. 441 at S.E. 59th Street, just south of the city of Ocala, FL. Our take-out kitchen has been open since the end of June, 2011. The pork shoulder and baby back ribs are slowly smoked so every bite has authentic barbeque flavor. You can take your BBQ home or enjoy your meal on a picnic table under our shade trees.    

 Here at HILLTOP we blend our own BBQ sauce. The mild BBQ sauce, we think adds the right flavors and the spicy BBQ sauce has the same flavors with just a bit of a hot kick.  Choose the mild, medium or hot BBQ sauce on your sandwich or platter or have it on the side.  We make our macaroni salad, cole slaw, baked beans and other sides fresh daily.  Phone in your order and we will have it ready for you 352-620-0684.  Every phone in order gets a free brownie!



                                   HILLTOP BBQ

Choose your sauce:  Mild, Medium or Hot 
Extra sauce: 2 oz $.25 


                                      Current Menu:

Smokey Pork Sandwich $5.00
     With 2 sides$6.50
     Or with soda, chips & brownie$7.25
Large Smokey Pork Sandwich $7.50
     With 2 sides$9.00
     Or with soda, chips & brownie$9.75

 Beef Brisket Sandwich w/onion & cheese

     With 2 sides$7.50
     Or with soda, chips & brownie$8.25
Large Beef Brisket Sandwich onion/cheese$9.00
     With 2 sides$10.50
    Or with soda, chips & brownie$11.25
Chicken Breast Sandwich$5.00
     With 2 sides$6.50
     Or with soda, chips & brownie$7.25
8 oz Smokey Pork on Baked Beans$5.00
12 oz Smokey Pork on Baked Beans$7.00
8 oz Smokey Pork on Black Beans & Rice$5.00
12 oz Smokey Pork on Black Beans & Rice$7.00
1/2 lb Smokey Pork or Chicken Breast Meat$7.00
     With 2 sides$8.50
     Or with soda, chips & brownie$9.25
1/2 lb Beef Brisket Meat with onion/cheese$8.50
     With 2 sides$10.00
     Or with soda, chips & brownie$10.75
1 lb Smokey Pork Meat$12.00
1 lb Chicken Breast Meat$12.00
1 lb Beef Brisket Meat$15.00
Cole slaw, Macaroni salad, Baked beans,
Black beans, Rice, Black Beans & Rice
 8 oz sides$2.00
16 oz sides$3.75
Can of Soda$1.25
Bottled Water$1.00
Ultimate Brownie$1.00
Bag of Chips$1.00
Sauce: 8 oz $5.00, 16 oz $9.00
We serve only Baby Back Ribs
1 pound ~ half rack of ribs
2 pounds ~ full rack of ribs
1/4 pound of Smokey Ribs$5.50
1/4 lb. of Ribs with 2 sides$7.00
1/2 pound of Smokey Ribs$7.50
1/2 lb. of Ribs with 2 sides$9.00
1 pound of Smokey Ribs$13.00
1 lb. of Ribs with 2 sides$14.50
2 pounds of Smokey Ribs$24.00
2 lbs. of Ribs with 2 sides$25.50
1/4 lb. Rib Sandwich w/bone               $6.00
1/4 lb. Rib Sandwich w/sides     $7.50
5848 S. Pine Ave., Ocala, FL  34480
                           @ Hwy 441 & SE 59th Street

Smoked Baby Back Ribs

More smokey ribs - buy one or one hundred

Smokey ribs with 2 sides

Pork shoulders on the smoker grill

$5 Smokey pork sandwich

$6 Beef brisket sandwich with onion & cheese

$5 Chopped chicken sandwich with cheese

Walk up service window

Below see inside our clean modern kitchen.


5 Days: 11 am til 7 pm
Closed: Sunday & Monday
Credit & Debit cards accepted

Jackie & Mark, the barbeque crew.
We look forward to serving you and hope you enjoy our food. CLICK THIS PHOTO. PROPERTY FOR SALE

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